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ACTIVIN Grape Seed Extract

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Activin contains Grape Seed extract, which provides antioxidant protection more effective than vitamins C and E, strengthens skin collagen, connective tissue and vascular walls; maintains normal blood platelet function, and may be beneficial for cancer, cataracts, heart disease, diabetes, aging skin, colds and flu, prostate disease, psoriasis and multiple sclerosis. Natrol's Grape Seed Extract contains naturally occurring proanthocyanidins which exhibit anti-oxidant properties. Proanthocyanidins are measured by the amount of total Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins content or OPCs. Natrol's Grape Seed Extract contains 95% OPCs consisting of monomers and oligomers.

One of Nature's Most Unique Antioxidants, Easy-to-Take, Vegetarian Tablets. Help your body fight free radicals with all-natural Activin, a high-potency grape seed extract rich in biologically active flavonoids - one of the most unique antioxidants yet discovered. Antioxidants can help prevent the cellular damage caused by free radicals. Activin products are produced using the environmentally safe Acti-Pure method. Instead of using toxic solvents and/or harsh chemicals, Acti-Pure utilizes a high-tech water and ethanol extraction process which preserves the natural balance of biologically active flavonoids.
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60 tabs box
Activin (grape seed extract)…50mg
Take 1 tablet with a meal, 2 times per day.
Keep out of reach of children.
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